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HABSelect Clinical trial

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Meet the team

Dr David Miller: Chief Investigator and Laboratory Lead

Principal Investigators / Co-Applicants

Dr Yacoub Khalaf - Clinical Advisor, Guy’s Assisted Conception Unit, London
Bonnie Collins - Bart’s Centre for Reproductive Medicine, London
Dr Srikantharajah Arasaratnam – Homerton Fertility Centre, London
Prof Daniel Brison - Manchester Department for Reproductive Medicine
Dr Vinay Sharma – Leeds Centre for Reproductive Medicine
Dr Jackson Kirkman–Brown – Laboratory Co-Lead, Birmingham Women’s Fertility Centre
Prof Geraldine Hartshorne – Coventry Centre for Reproductive Medicine
Dr Allan Pacey – Sheffield Academic Unit of Reproductive and Developmental Medicine
Katherine Whalley – Dundee Assisted Conception Unit
Jane Blower - Leicester Fertility Centre
Prof Siladitya Bhattacharya - Clinical Advisor, University of Aberdeen
Prof Arri Coomarasamy - Clinical Advisor, University of Birmingham
Prof Robert  West - Mechanistic Evaluation Statistician, University of Leeds
Prof Khalid Khan – Women’s Health Research Unit, QMUL
Prof Sheena Lewis - Queen’s University of Belfast
Dr Stephen Troup - The Hewitt Fertility Centre, Liverpool Women's Hospital
Dr Marta Jansa-Perez - IVF Hammersmith
Prof Sue Pavitt – Trial Design and Operation, University of Leeds
Dr Richard Hooper - Senior Trial Statistician, QMUL
Dr Rachel Cutting - Sheffield Centre for Reproductive Medicine and Fertility
Dr Kevin McEleny - Newcastle Fertility Centre

Patient Representatives

Kate Brian - London Representative, Infertility Network
Dr Thomas Kabir - London
Bonnie Berman - Leeds

Management – Pragmatic Clinical Trials Unit, Qmul

Ann Thompson – Senior Trial Manager
Sile Dunbar -  Trial Coordinator
Amy Hoon – Quality Assurance Manager
Jeannette Hansen – Trial Monitor
Thomas Power – Database Developer
Lee Beresford – Trial Statistician


Trial Steering Committee : Chair – Professor Nick Macklon
Data Monitoring And Ethics Commitee: Chair – Professor Jenny Kurinczuk

Contact us

Sile Dunbar
HABSelect Trial Coordinator
Pragmatic Clinical Trials Unit (PCTU)
c/o Centre for Primary Care and Public Health
58 Turner Streeet, London, E1 2AB
Email: [email protected]
Tel.: 020 7882 3447

Please note: any specific queries related to your fertility treatment should be discussed with the clinical team at your Fertility Centre and we are unable to answer these queries directly.

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