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HABSelect stands for: Hyaluronic Acid Binding Sperm selection

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid (sometimes called hyaluronan) is a natural substance in the body and is currently used for different medical and non-medical purposes. HABSelect will test the idea that sperms that can bind to hyaluronan may be better at supporting viable pregnancies.

What will happen in the HABSelect trial?

Couples having ICSI treatment will either have sperm selection in the usual way, or will alternatively have sperm selected by its ability to bind to special (clinically approved) plates that have been coated with hyaluronan.

Participants will be randomly allocated to a method of sperm selection and can’t choose what method of sperm selection they would prefer. Neither the couples or their doctor will know the sperm used for their ICSI treatment was selected until the end of the study, probably around early 2017.

How do we find out if we are eligible to participate?

Check on the Recruitment Sites page to find out if your fertility clinic is taking part in the study and contact their local research representative to learn more about the study.

You can also read the Couple Information Sheet and then meet the research staff who will be happy to answer any queries you may have.

Who should we contact if we have further questions?

  • With specific queries related to your treatment and to check if you are eligible for the study please contact the research team (Recruitment sites section) at your local Fertility Centre
  • With general queries you can also contact the Trial Coordinator - Sila Dunbar
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